Cherry Picking: Choosing the right switch

Tue 2nd Aug 2016 - 2:36pm



 Any aspiring professional gamer knows that eventually you need to upgrade to a high quality mechanical keyboard if you really want to push yourself to the next level, but all the different types of switches can be daunting for a beginner. It's not just the beginners that may be confused about switches though, seasoned pro's often stick to the first kind of switch they try and are not aware it may be the wrong switch for their game. We've spoken to our players and have done some extensive research and we've created this helpful guide to help you choose the right switch for your game!

Cherry MX Blue | STRAFE RGB

With both tactile and clicky feedback, the Cherry MX Blue switch is ideal for the player who really needs to feel the visceral connection to their keyboard. With a higher actuation (50cN), the Cherry MX Blue switch is the gold standard of precision keyboard switches; making sure you never misclick a spellcast again. Together with the anti-ghosting technology of all MX switches the Cherry MX Blue delivers consistent, rapidfire precision essential to FPS and RTS alike.

Avant recommends the Corsair STRAFE RGB keyboard to go with your Cherry MX Blue switches. The STRAFE RGB is a compact and versatile keyboard that could satisfy any type of player.

Cherry MX Red | K95 RGB


With a distinct feel of the old school and the reliability of a mechanical switch, the Cherry MX Red switch will feel at home to both those who are making the switch (no pun intended) from non-mechanical boards, as well as those who want speed without the feedback that the other Cherry MX switches provide. The low actuation (45cN) force of the switch without any tactile or clicky feedback that the Cherry MX Red switch provides allows for true rapidfire clicking; meaning your keyboard will never hold you back from your true potential. With the anti-ghosting technology of the Cherry MX switch you can be sure that you have true intention-action translation even at breakneck speed.

Since the Cherry MX Red switch is perfect for the cut-throat RTS player, Avant recommends the Corsair K95 RGB keyboard, with plenty of space and extra convenient macro keys perfect for serious RTS players.

MX Red’s are the weapon of choice for the members of our Professional League of Legends team who recently qualified for the semi-finals and solidified themselves as a top four team in Australia. When the squad is competing in an important match, the ultra fast and responsive switch without a distracting audible click is exactly what they need to play to their full potential.

Cherry MX Brown | K70 RGB


Standout as the most commonly used switch, especially among FPS gamers; The Cherry MX Brown switch delivers a smooth feel that could suit almost any player. Coupling a low actuation force (45cN) with tactile but non-clicky feedback, the Cherry MX Brown switch allows for precise but seamless control; the perfect kit for a serious FPS player. The Brown switch is the weapon of choice for our Counter-Strike:Global Offensive captain and star player iyen, who had this to say about the switch:

'I like to feel each key press, especially when I’m quickly strafing. When you’re playing a pro league match and everything is on the line you need the precision and comfort that the MX Brown delivers. I recently upgraded to a new K70 with Brown switches and it feels really smooth and has definitely improved my ability to position quickly and efficiently.’

When it comes to keyboards, Avant recommends the Corsair K70 RGB keyboard. Perfect for serious FPS gamers and currently supplied to all our CS:GO players courtesy of Corsair.

Cherry MX Silent | STRAFE RGB


Looking for something a bit quieter?

Corsair and Cherry partnered up to bring gamers the new and exclusive MX Silent switches, these switches are fast and accurate and are up to thirty percent quieter than other mechanical keyboards meaning you can game in peace and quiet should you choose.

Whether you are taking a break from gaming or playing in a public area, having silence over the traditional audible click may be just what you need to succeed.

Check out the MX Silent in the Corsair STRAFE RGB keyboard.

We have some of the region's best teams in the top eSports titles and they trust Corsair and MX to deliver to them the perfect combination of keyboard and switch. Whether you’re someone who likes the audible click of an MX Blue, the silence of the MX Silent, the responsiveness of the MX Red or you prefer to be an all rounder and opt for the MX Brown; Corsair has the perfect board tailored to your unique situation. Be sure to check out each keyboard on the Corsair website for more information about each board and which switches are available.