Out Of The Box: NETGEAR NightHawk X8 AC5300

Wed 31st Aug 2016 - 10:06pm

When obtaining the perfect setup a lot of gamers overlook one of the most essential components to complete your setup; the router. If you’re looking for a heavy duty WiFi router that prioritizes the needs and requirements of the serious gamer, look no further than the Nighthawk X8 AC5300.

The Nighthawk X8 AC5300 utilizes Tri-Band Wifi technology which provides you with an insane wireless speed of up to 5.3Gbps. No device is left behind with the X8’s Tri-Band technology, allowing each device connected to the router to run at their maximum speed so whether you need to connect a legacy WiFi device or a new device, the X8 has you covered. Put this together with the sleek curved venting surface for more effective heat transfer for efficient reliable performance which won’t overheat even under high stress.

A fantastic feature of the X8 is Nighthawk’s renowned quality of service functions, every aspiring pro-gamer knows how frustrating lag can be when they reach a crucial point of the game but with the X8’s dynamic quality of service will assign your important applications a higher bandwidth to prevent lag while still keeping your other devices online.

X8 makes use of NETGEAR’s active antenna technology, this means that the X8 has moved the WiFi amplifiers from the router's motherboard to on top of the antennas. This means no matter where you are in or around the house, you will receive a clearer and stronger WiFi signal to your device; a crucial point of consistency that has caused serious gamers to shy away from playing on WiFi which has not been overlooked by NETGEAR in this rendition of the Nighthawk.

Six Gigabit ethernet LAN ports make getting physically connected to the X8 easy; whether it's to service your whole household or to hook up for a LAN party. And If you need an even faster connection, two of the ports can be formed into a cluster to allow for double the network speed which is useful for 4K streaming or backing up large files - meaning no more issues with bandwidth sharing which has plagued gamers for years.

Overall the X8 delivers a consistent, high speed performance that gamers have come to expect from their connections in the modern age of gaming. With great signal strength, expert cooling, ease of access and control over traffic, the NETGEAR X8 makes frustration over unstable internet connections a thing of the past for serious gamers.