Corsair Macro Tutorial

Thu 15th Sep 2016 - 9:42am

Looking to take the stress off of your APM, or bring your efficiency in-game up to a whole new level?  Heard about how pros use keyboard and mouse macros to great effect and want to get into the mix? Setting up macros can seem like an intimidating task, but Corsair has you covered. Here’s a quick overview of how easily you can get yourself up and running with keyboard macros using Corsair’s tailored peripherals and the features of Corsair’s control software (CUE).

STEP 1: Choose your weapon

The keyboard was the birthplace of gaming macros; and the Corsair K95 is the industry standard for ease and functionality. With 18 extra macro keys for up to 108 macros on top of the full programmable standard keys, this keyboard is designed with macros in mind. And with onboard memory and the support of the Corsair Utility Engine (CUE) you can easily program your macros and use them anywhere any time. Simply choose a key in CUE and program a macro using the easy interface and your macro will be saved to the K95’s onboard memory to use anywhere, anytime.

Programmable mice are quickly becoming the most popular way for players to utilise macro keys. With a movable set of 12 macro keys, the Corsair Scimitar gives easy access to macros to occupy an otherwise idle thumb, and free up your keyboard hand for only the most important tasks. As with the K95, the Scimitar is fully supported and programmable with CUE.

STEP 2- Sharpen your blade

The Corsair Utility Engine (CUE) is your one stop control centre for all of your peripherals; headset included. CUE can be used to fine tune your whole peripheral setup- from setting DPI tocontrolling lighting and sound profiles for your headset.




When it comes to setting macros all you need to do is set a profile and choose a key and CUE’s easy interface will easily track all your actions as you record a new macro, or import a preexisting set of operations.

Users love the ease of using CUE are always sharing their take on how to use macros in your game of choice, showing virtually limitless possibilities. So even if your aren’t feeling confident setting macros yourself, setting yourself up with deadly macro keys is easy thanks to the great community of Corsair users who share their ideas over at:

That’s it! Simply choose your weapon from Corsair and get started with CUE, and power and resources of macro keys will set you a cut above the rest the next time you play. You can download the CUE from their website as well as check out a full range of their Keyboards, Mice and Headsets! 

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