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Thu 30th Aug 2018 - 1:36am

Mohammed "MoeyCQ" Tizani, is the captain of our Counter-Strike team and has been for four months now. He is a massive part of not only this team, but Counter-Strike as a whole in this region. We are extremely excited to have him as a player under our brand, but in the meantime; we wanted to find out more about the team and give you, the audience, an insight into how they are developing as a core roster. We tasked our Community Manager, Taylah, to sit down with the team and learn more about them. Catch the interview below!

Above: MoeyCQ (right) captured in week five of Gfinity.

Introduce yourself to us. Who are you guys, and how long you’ve been captain of Avant Gaming CSGO team.

We're a division one Counter-Strike team that plays under the Avant Gaming banner. I myself am Mohammed “MoeyCQ” Tizani and I've been captain of this team for four months now.


What roles do you all play in the team?

Our team is very young, we have a lot of talent in our roster. We’re currently trying to find the best roles for our team, but at the moment, I’m the in game leader as well as the awper, Zeph and Prodigy as our hard entry riflers, Urbz playing as a support role and DANZ kind of doing whatever he wants to do as a lurker. It’s been working quite well but we’re still trying to work out the best order.


How does the team work together?

We’re working alright at the moment together, but we have our ups and downs. It’s hard as a new team to kind of realise how well you’re working together if you still don’t have the fundamentals down. We’re kind of stuck in a transitioning phase at the moment, where we’re trying to work out what works best for us. Hopefully once we overcome that, we’ll work together a lot better.


You guys just recently played up against Tainted Minds to try and qualify for Benq Zowie Extremesland. How do you feel you played as a team? Was there anything you think you guys could’ve done to secure the spot?

I think we played really well as a team against Tainted Minds in the qualifier but it was a shame because we had to use a sub that has been retired for 3 years due to an internet issue with DANZ, and we also hadn’t practiced for 2 weeks. But it was good to see that when we’re all on point as individuals and we don’t make as many mistakes; that's the level that we can play at. I think that if we had DANZ, we could’ve definitely taken it. It made me realise that there is a lot of potential on this roster and we need to realise that a lot of our losses are our own doing, rather than our approach as a team.


What does this recent loss mean for the team?

The recent loss in the qualifier gave us a good idea of where we’re at and that we’re not too far from where we want to be, or challenging who we want to challenge. The loss itself wasn't too bad, but as I said, we’re still trying to work out what's best for our team and unfortunately this transitioning phase that everyone goes through, you won't truly uncap your potential until everyone is on the same page, and that what we’re working towards at the moment.


How often do you guys practise?

We practice less than the top 6 teams in Australia. We don’t play full time due to commitments outside of the game, but with the support from Avant, we’re able to put more hours in than we would otherwise. We try to practice 4-5 days a week, anywhere from 3-4 hours a day and try for a bigger shift on Sundays. A lot of it stems outside of Counter Strike hours where we’re doing theory work, watching demos, analysing things and implementing those.


With Prodigy joining, how has that impacted the team?

Prodigy is a really good addition, he’s a like for like for Hazr, who unfortunately didn’t deliver when we needed him to and I’m sure that's something he’ll round out in the future and become a great player. But we needed that talent now. I think Prodigy is doing a great job, he’s doing what I wanted him to do and he’s only had a month in the team. We need to give him as much time as we did our previous, to see him grow. But overall, it’s worked really well for us.


How are you guys going to prepare for Gfinity?

Roster stability is a big thing. We’re confident with the 5 we have at the moment. Widening our map pool, working on our fundamentals for when the time comes around, so that we’re purely focused on our strategies within the game and not making mistakes individually.


How are you guys feeling about ESL ANZ?

ESL ANZ has been pretty good so far. We did drop one map to surge, but we almost took a map off of ORDER. So as long as we win out, we should be able to qualify for the finals. Unfortunately, like our CGPL last season, we lost to SYF Gaming and it almost impacted our ability to attend the LAN finals. So we need to be really careful with these online seasons.


What do you guys have your eyes set on and how do you hope to support the team to get there?

Currently our eyes are set on really solidifying. We don’t want to lose to anyone outside of the top 4. We want to break into that space and take maps off those teams to qualify for international events. I think we’re a lot closer to those goals than some, which is an advantage to us. But it's really about finding our feet and identity, trusting each other and moving forward the best we can.

What's been the best experience you've had together?

We haven't been a team for very long, so it's hard to pick the best experience. But so far would probably be making the Gfinity finals, we had to play a do or die game against Sydney Roar and having a lot of young players who aren't so experienced on stage, being able to pull off that win definitely developed us pretty quickly. We then took over time in a semifinals when they had 2 subs, but unfortunately we couldn’t close those off. But those were probably the best times we’ve had together. Gfinity showed us, “Hey, look what we’re capable of. We’re not going to crack under the pressure.” We’re not too far away from finding our feet.

Above: Moment of victory for our Counter-Strike team.


Our Counter-Strike team are consistently competing in the like of ESL AUNZ and CyberGamer; with soon to be MDL and Gfinity starting back up. So be sure to catch them in action whenever they are competing, to not only check them out as a team... but to also cheer them on. Below we have listed their personal Twitter accounts, where you can stay up to date with them throughout their time here at Avant Gaming.










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