Feature- Bullnizzle on the new AV.Fortnite squads!

Mon 19th Mar 2018 - 2:28am

Unless you have been living under a rock for the last few months you would have noticed the meteoric rise in popularity of Fortnite. With over 150,000 average viewers just this month, Fortnite has quickly dwarfed former juggernaut PUBG, pulling in over three times as many average viewers this month alone than the old giant. Helped along by cameos on popular streams by rappers and NFL stars alike, personalities such as Ninja are becoming the most followed on Twitch. Throw in the ability to play Fortnite on your mobile device now, and it's looking like Fortnite isn't going anywhere soon.

As the dust settles on a huge few months for Fortnite, the promise of new leagues and tournaments on the horizon as Fortnite crosses the threshold into the esports realm is much anticipated- Avant caught up with resident Avant Streamer and captain of the new AV.Fortnight Blue team Bullnizzle to hear what all the hype is about!


Hi Bull! You have recently transitioned from H1Z1 to Fortnite, what were your reasons? What are you enjoying most about Fortnite?

The reasons why i transitioned from H1Z1 to Fortnite, was that I found myself not enjoying the game anymore as much as i used to, I lost the drive and love I once had for the game. With the direction that the game was going I knew I wasn't going to get it back. I knew if I wanted my stream to grow that H1Z1 was not the game to be streaming and putting countless hours into improving every single day.
I am enjoying everything about Fortnite! I'm addicted, and all I want to do is to get better and better! Fortnite is not like any other game I’ve played, especially the building aspect of the game. From the building fights you find yourself in, and out playing your opponent, to launching yourself off a jump pad and ambushing your enemies from above. The game is incredibly fun and addictive, I would recommend anyone and everyone who enjoys the BR concept of games to try it out for themselves.

Avant recently picked up two Fortnite squads, give me the rundown on your teammates! What do you guys have coming up? 

So we’ve got the two teams Avant Black and Avant Blue. Avant black consist of my fellow teammates from H1Z1. Jordyx3, Sixo, Joshvb and Cha. These guys are no joke and i have no doubt in my mind that these guys will succeed in the scene and put up some good competition. As for Avant Blue, these guys are day one grinders who are insanely good at the game. When the competitive scene drops for Fortnite, these guys are ready to show the world what we can do, cannot wait.


Too early to pick the strongest of the two?

Well Jordy thinks his boys are the best but I've got his number ;)

Love a bit of rivalry! So for those who only watch your stream, how does competitive Fortnite differ from the casual game?

The competitive scene for Fortnite is still very fresh. But from the scrim games that i have played, its really intense but also insanely fun. In casual games you're unaware if you’re going to come up against a really good player or not. But in the scrims you KNOW that you are going to be coming up against multiple teams of 4 really good players at once and the build fights can be really insane. It gives a bit of an adrenaline rush and keeps you on your toes! I can’t wait for the competitive scene for fortnite to be more established.

Bull's iconic Rocket Ride has over 4 Million combined videos and is in the top 10 most viewed Fortnite clips of all time

Tell me about riding rockets in Fortnite! Were you expecting such an incredible response?
Rocket riding in Fortnite! Well! Haha I had absolutely no idea that the rocket ride quickscope clip was going to get as much coverage as it did that’s for sure. Sure I thought maybe a couple thousand views on the twitch clip. But not millions! The clip was featured on almost every Fortnite highlight youtube channel. There’s even articles that have been written about that rocket ride game winning kill, was even said to be one of the greatest shots to happen ever in the brief history of Fortnite. It was posted on multiple social medias networks, Twitter, facebook, the clip really blew up, it’s currently in the top 10 most viewed Fortnite clip of all time amongst clips from the biggest streamers such as DrDisrespect, TSM_Myth as well as Summit1g. I even had old friends from high school contacting me and telling me that they saw the clip and to keep up the good work! The amount of positive feedback and support i got was incredible. Makes me really want to keep grinding as a streamer.

Was amazing to see such a huge response! Thank you so much for stopping in to chat with us Bull, Shoutouts?

Would obviously have to shoutout my supportive friends and family, who tune in to watch me stream and believe in what I’m doing. Especially my girlfriend who has no idea what i’m talking about half the time because she doesn’t play games herself but really puts in the effort to listen and encourage me to keep going and keep up the grind. She’s the best.
Last but not least, everyone at Avant gaming for welcoming me to the team with open arms, couldn’t picture myself representing any other Esports org.  Have to make a special shoutout to Jyles, can’t be more thankful to be working with this man, the amount of support and work his put into helping me with whatever it may be is unreal.


Be sure to tune in to Bullnizzle on his stream, where you can catch him on the nightly Fortnite grind! Avant is excited to bring you more Fortnite action as the competitive scene takes off in OCE from our two new Fortnite squads! So be sure to tune into our Facebook, Twitter and Youtube for updates!