Team Spotlight: Street Fighter V

Tue 7th Aug 2018 - 2:58am

Street Fighter, the game of one verses one... or so we thought!

With the first season of Gfinity AU Street Fighter competition coming to an end. We decided to sit down and talk to RumorsOfGhosts and talk to him about SFV’s direction, and the “shake up” that team integration has brought to the scene.

Left to Right: Spaceghost/RumoursOfGhost/AWildLLAMA

So, you have recently just finished competing in the Gfinity AU Street fighter series, coming first in the online split winning 4-3 every set from weeks one to four, it seemed like you were the most dominant team in the series at the time, how did that feel for you personally? And how was the team feeling at the time?

The series was a pretty interesting experience, purely because every match went to the wire for us. And I think that came down to the level of competition that Australia is now reaching. No set of games was just a “blow out”, nothing was easy. During those first four weeks, it eventually does have an effect on our nerves, when everything is so close. But it also gives us a drive to keep at the top of our game. As we get off the stage the adrenaline hits, and we realize that we made another week of only just scraping by.

Obviously these wins were a great source of motivation for the team and before the conversation progressed any further, I had to ask him about his impressive 10+ win streak in the online finals.

My win streak was one of my personal favourite highlights of the season for me, and now that Gfinity has bought the team aspect into Street Fighter Five, It also feels good to know that I have teammates that I can experience the highs and the lows with. Funnily enough the team developed our own internal narrative, and we jokingly agreed that we weren’t going to 4-0 and that we had to 4-3 to put on a show.

Do you think that it was a good thing that you were always pulling off 4-3’s?  Did it help keep you and your team on your toes?

Some of game losses we had were unfortunate in some ways, but we’re always of the mindset to keep improving, even if we get 4-0’s we always have plays and clips to look back on and see how we can improve further.

So something that SFV has been known for; for a long time, has been the 1v1’s. A lot of other esports are known for the team play; League of Legends and Counter Strike for example, very rarely is everyone watching just you, but in Street Fighter it’s the opposite. Do you enjoy that element? Has the Gfinity new format ruined the one on one culture?

I think that originally, what bought a lot of the Street fighter players into the scene and kept them around were because of the intense 1v1’s and knowing that if you lost, it was solely on you, and no one else was to blame. That element is still there now, but you get an extra overall sense of place now that we have teams, and it feels like the matches have slightly more weight and meaning to them. I think the team element is an awesome part of the gfinity series.

There is more and more strategy being bought into the game because of it now, because you can work with your teammates to play to their strengths and to your opponents weaknesses. Next season I would love to see a bit of a strategy element introduced, with teams being able to see other teams draft orders or take turns to announce each teams pick order, that way teams can counterpick players and their preferred characters.
It’s headed in the right direction.

What’s it like it watching your teammates on stage; knowing that you can’t help them and that you too have to follow the ups and downs of the match because it affects you also.

You just have to help your teammates as much as you can prior to the match. And depending what they take in, can determine how they go. We can all help each other up, and prepare ourselves for the next match. I think one of my favourite parts of that is, that you are able to tell your teammates counters or strategies that they might be missing, and now instead of having one person's expertise. We have three. A lot of secrets/strategies are being let out now, to help better the team as much as possible.

Talking about helping the team. Let's talk about tilt. So when you are in that 1v1, and if you tilt, there’s no team moral, you can’t get pulled out of a poor mental state by your teammates until the match is over. And for some people in 1v1 tournaments, that plague of negativity can stay around them for the duration of the tournament. Do you feel like having those extra teammates on avant, can help you through those tough situations?

Being able to turn around from a loss and have your team there and offer you support is something to never take for granted. Being able to play for Avant gives us a sense of meaning and that it’s not all over because you lost that one game. You have time to prepare for your next match and it’s all about the team effort now. We practise together, we train together, we go into the matches together. It definitely helps having teammates.

So after such a decent run of being being undefeated you ended up dropping your first set of the series 3-4 to Sydney Roar. Were you expecting that?

Going into the last week of the matches before semi finals we had already cemented ourselves in the first place position, so we probably trained a bit less than what we should have. We still felt that loss as a team, and we used that as motivation to prepare ourselves for the finals.

Finals come along, you are 3/3 with Ground Zero Gaming and after two very close rounds you unfortunately lose. How upset was the team?

Losing is part of the game, everyone has to lose at some stage, it wasn’t ideal, but I guess that’s the volatility of the game, and that’s what makes it fun. It was a loss, and we were disappointed, but we are looking forward to next season more now because of it. We want to show the AU scene what we are really capable of, and I think this season was just a reflection of that potential.

How has Avant helped you and the team progress further in your SFV careers?

Avant as helped sive out and filter through the administrative work that we would otherwise have to spend time on. That allows us to spend more time practising and perform to our best. I think that the best thing about Avant is the resources that they provide us with, for example SpaceGhost was able to use their facilities to train, as his internet connection at home was pretty bad. And because of Avant he has been able to get to the next level of play because of the practise he was able to achieve. It’s always good to have a team to play under, and avant is no exception to that.

Above: RumoursOfGhost and SpaceGhost on stage at Gfinity.

Our Street Fighter players will be returning to the stage for Season Two of the Gfinity Elite Series; so in the meantime stay up to date with them via their Twitter and be sure to drop them a follow!







Ben Scott