Player Profile: DarkSide

Wed 15th Aug 2018 - 9:33am

For "DarkSide", this is his first time in the Oceanic Challenger Series; to some, he has been the dark horse of the Oceanic Pro League. Heiling from Spain, Alejandro has joined our League of Legends with hopes to improve the way we approach the game and to also help us propel to the next level of competitive gaming. Our Community Manager, Taylah, sat down with him to find out more about where he comes from and what he has been looking to bring to the Australian competitive scene.

Above: Captured image of DarkSide from our recent Corsair shoot.


  • Tell us about yourself? Where are you from?

"My name is Alejandro, I’m 21 years old and I’m from Spain. I’ve been playing League of Legends for around six years, but I have been competing for about four years."


  • How are you adapting to life in Australia? Has it been rough leaving friends and family at home?

"It's been a bit rough but I’m used to it. I’ve played in Turkey before but the good part about living in Australia is that I can understand the language. When I lived in Turkey I couldn’t understand people so it was a lot more difficult. The time difference makes it really hard to speak with family and friends. But I like it here."


  • What would you say is a big challenge for you living in Sydney?

"In other teams I’ve played for, someone cooks for us, but here in Avant, we all make our own food. That's a challenge. I’m really bad at making food."


  • How long have you been into League of Legends? What were you playing before?

"I’ve been playing for, I think 6 or 7 years. I used to play random games but mainly MMOs like World of Warcraft and also Counter Strike, but I’ve never played any other games competitively like I do League of Legends."


  • Tell us about your esports history, how and when you joined Avant Gaming

"I’ve been playing for about four years competitively. I started in the Spanish scene about four and a half years ago. I was playing in between Spanish and European teams, then I got the opportunity to play in Turkey for Team AURORA. We came second place in the first split we played and almost won. I went back to Spain afterwards and played for some online teams. Last year, I won a Nordic Championship and we qualified to the Challenger Series which I played with Origin. I was in Turkey in February and March, playing solo queue; Then I got the offer from Avant and thought it would be a great experience."


  • What was the competitive scene like back home? Is it much different than here in Australia?

"It’s quite different. This scene is very small. Everyone knows each other. It reminds me of the Spanish scene when I first started competing but now it’s been growing. But yeah, they were a lot bigger than Australia. It has it’s good and bad parts, but it's pretty cool though."


  • What has been a highlight of yours while competing?

"I think my biggest highlight was last year. I was playing in a team and we won the Nordic Championship, which allowed us to play in New Challenger Series Qualifier and no one had expected it, not even ourselves. We randomly played the qualifier because we couldn’t sell our spot and we hadn’t even trained. We ended up only losing one game which was a shock to all of us."


  • How do you deal with a loss?

"It really depends on how we lose. I think if we lose and I play well, it's not too bad. I’m obviously sad if we don’t win, but as long as I know I’ve played well, I can at least look back and think I gave it my all. If I do poorly then I get angry at myself and try to focus on my own performance and see what I can do to improve. I try not to get too emotional about it."


  • Where do you hope to see this going in the next couple of years? Is there anything you want to study or do you want to pursue this full-time?

"I think it’s very likely after this split that I might go back to University. I’ve been playing for a while now, so I don’t think I’m going to compete after this."


  • Do you have any advice for people that are wanting to get into esports?

"The most important thing is to be really motivated and to have patience. You need to have a good mentality that even if you fail, you can still come back from it."


We have one more week remaining within the Oceanic Pro League and this potentially could be DarkSide's final match in Australia. Be sure to catch him in action this Friday as he looks to lead the team to victory. 

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