2019 OPL Roster Announcement

Wed 12th Dec 2018 - 7:13am

After a rough season this year, we have decided to completely reshape our roster and take a different approach to how we look at League of Legends as a whole. We recently announced the signing of our Head Coach, Rusty, who has helped us immensely with putting together our roster for next year.

Our Head Coach, Rusty, had a few words to say about the roster;

“The team we have put together is built on potential and can do great things. All of the players are motivated and willing to improve and do that's a big must if they want to win at the end of both splits and or the year. For me, I’m excited to grow and learn alongside these players.”


Avant Gaming 2019 Roster

Top Lane: Ryan “Chippys” Short

Mid Lane: Ari “Shok“ Greene-Young

Jungle: Ryan “Swathe” Gibbons

Jungle: Lachlan “Syb0l” Civil

ADC: Vincent “Gunkrab” Lin

Support: Ryan “Aladoric” Richardson

Head Coach: Zack “Rusty” Pye


One of the key factors of our roster for next year is the fact that we have two junglers. It’s definitely not common to have two junglers in the Oceanic Pro League; only really ever been shown for a small period of time from Dire Wolves, but we believe that we have the right fundamentals to take advantage of this opportunity.

We sat down with Rusty to learn more about why he has chosen to take this route:

“Moving into next year, we have decided to go down the avenue of using a six man roster, with the sixth man being in the jungle position. Our overall purpose for this is for the purpose of motivation, improvement and overall team strength.

With that being said, we will have both of the players living in the house, sharing practise time and working together to be the best they can be.”

All of us here at Avant Gaming hope that you will continue to support us moving into next year. We are extremely excited to start the year on a clean slate and we hope that with the resources we have for the coming year, that we will be able to turn that into success.



Ben Scott