Overwatch Contenders: Trials for Season 3

Tue 31st Jul 2018 - 2:10am

Avant Gaming's Overwatch staff have decided that we will be hosting trials for Season 3; in hopes to better our development within the scene. We are opening the floor to trials for all roles and will also be looking at bringing on more coaching staff to help better the selected roster.


- Players must have atleast hit "GM" (4k+).

- Team experience is preferable but not compulsary. 

- Players must be dedicated and be able to provide four hours a night, seven days a week to the team. Of course exceptions will come into play if you have special commitments come up randomly. 

- Positive attitude and good communication, as shot calling is valued highly. 

Extra Information:

- Our offer is open to outside of Oceania as well. 

- Trials are open to all roles. 


Coaching Roles Available: 

- Assistant Coach.

- Analyst (Experience with spreadsheet and can also record data/games).


To apply...

Contact: Whipply or Racquetz on Twitter.

Alternative: Whipply#7501 on Discord.



Ben Scott