Avant is proud to formally announce our new partnership with Maxibon

Tue 31st Jan 2017 - 1:02am

Avant is proud to formally announce our new partnership with Maxibon, the snack of champions! We're thrilled to be supported by such a household name in Australia and know that with their support, 2017 will be our biggest and best year yet!

From Avant CEO Wesley ‘Wes’ Collier

“We’re excited to be partnering with Maxibon, as the first team organisation in ANZ with a consumer brand as a sponsor. Together, we’re eager to show the Oceanic region what we can do in 2017!”

Peters Head of Marketing, Alicia Munday: 

“We’re pumped to be a part of the growing
esports scene in Australia, Maxibon is already a huge part of the gamers snacking repertoire so it was a great fit for the brand. Avant Garde is an exciting partner for us, and we’re proud that Maxibon will be fuelling them to greatness, in the biggest local leagues and on the world stage”

Be sure to follow us on social media for frequent updates about the team and our progress in 2017!

Interested in becoming a partner of AVANT GARDE?
Get in contact with us at partners@avantgaming.com.au




Wesley Collier

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