Entering Clash Royale - Mobile Esports

Sun 6th Jan 2019 - 8:51pm

Today marks a new era for Avant Gaming in the esports space, as we take our first steps into Mobile Esports by acquiring a talented lineup that competes in a well known game; Clash Royale.

We believe that Mobile Esports will soon to be the new frontier for competitive gaming with the coming up of a new generation and we feel that it is the right time to take our first steps into the space. With that being said, please welcome aboard the following players and staff!

2019 Roster:





Kiwo Klasher




Piripic (Team Manager)

We sat down with our CEO, Wesley Collier, to find out how he came accross this team and his chain of thought for Mobile Esports moving into this year:

"It all began in September last year, with the arrival of Melbourne Esports Open. We actually didn't arrive at this event with the intent of scouting mobile esports players; but once arriving and walking around the venue, we came accross some very talented players and felt we should look more into this scene. It's definitely a new era for us, as we have never done anything like this; so yes I am a bit nervous, but I am confident that we can help excellerate the speed of where this scene is going in our region!"

Everyone here at Avant Gaming would like to give a warm welcome to these new players and we hope that all the fans of our organization can get behind them too. We look forward to a strong 2019!

Article written and produced by Benji.



Ben Scott