Player Profile: Loona

Mon 21st Jan 2019 - 5:50am

We recently announced the signing of professional Rainbow Six Siege player, Loona, as a part of our team moving forward into 2019. With the announcement came great excitement, as Loona has definitely made a name for herself after an impressive performance on debut. We sat down with Loona to learn more about who she is, what her thoughts are and where she comes from in the competetive gaming realm. 

Listed below is a series of questions that we had the pleasure of asking Loona; with her answers found below each one.


  • For some, you have come out of nowhere in terms of your competitive experience. Give us some insight into who you are and how you got the opportunity to play in the Pro League!

"Virtue (her boyfriend) and I only made the swap from console to PC a year ago, but I have played the game since beta. Before that I played Call Of Duty religiously, so I have always found aim to be my strongest point, which is usually what people will notice at first glance. I had actually played last season in the Challenger League and CG Silver League, but my consideration came with my friendships I already had with Maxs, Copper and UnY, who knew and loved how I played and communicated with the team. They saw potential in me early, but knew I obviously had some things to work on, as I’ve never played at any level of competition like Pro League. They believed that I could rapidly mesh with the team synergy and fall into place within the strategies in no time."

  • With this being your first season of Pro League, how have you found it so far and what are your ambitions for the season?

"I am the least experienced player on the team, so the worst thing that could happen is letting my teammates down and ending the season with little to no points on the ladder. We just played our first match against ex-Athletico and drew the series, which is a massive confidence boost and points on the board right off the bat. This season, I want to be at least 6th seat so there’s no relegation matches and I will be content. I definitely believe we can do better but that is my goal."

  • How have you found fitting into the new roster; has there been any struggles and or how have you adapted within your short period of time in the roster?

"UnY, the player I have filled the spot of, was their IGL at the time. Since his drop, Copper has filled in the IGL role with shotcalling help from VICIOUS and Fishoguy. It is not what they are used to, but it can all be mended over time. I have filled in as a flexible role and switch between fragging or support roles depending on what we need in the rounds. This role makes it easier to look at the strategies from a certain perspective and identify what needs to be done on my half."

  • What attracted you to joining the Avant Gaming lineup and has the team met your expectations once being a part of the team?

"I loved this team the second I joined, we all get along extremely well and I want this team to go as far as we can possibly go together. All the players in Avant have individual mechanical skill and intelligence, which is essential for those crucial moments in the game. I trust in the clutch! The most important thing for me is the willingness to learn from mistakes and the adaptation potential this team has."

  • After your announcement, you gained a lot of following and attention for being the only female Pro League player in this competitive genre. How have you dealt with this attention and what does it mean for you?

"I am the only one as of this moment, but not the first and definitely not the last. So to me, it is not a big deal and I don’t want any extra credit. I worked just as hard as any other Pro League player in R6. I appreciate all the support and belief in me. I want to prove that women can compete at this level, but obviously have to train just as hard and earn it like Goddess and I have since we laid our hands on this game."

  • Do you have any personal goals for this year and or competitive goals; if so, what are they?

"In terms of Pro League, I want to prove the people who doubt me or my team, horribly wrong. I wish to hopefully bring more support to the APAC region and to my amazing teammates and the staff at Avant Gaming who work extremely hard. Personally, I want to become the best player I can be for Avant so I can represent them well, and to smash out Pro League playing my absolute best to get the best score we can out of the season. I will be attending the Invitational in support of Fnatic and would love to meet people from the community and make some new friends."

  • What made you choose the alias “Loona”?

"Honestly the name Loona came from Harry Potter’s Luna Lovegood, and a husky iconic to my childhood called Luna, but I just tweaked the spelling. I am very unimaginative and just thought it was cute at the time. I was going to change it but I had made a decent name for myself in ANZ so decided just to keep it."


Stay connected with Loona by following her on Twitter to keep up to date with her progress throughout her time in Season 9 of the Pro League and on the team!

Written and produced by Benji.



Ben Scott