Maxibon Signs for 2019 as Major Partner

Mon 25th Feb 2019 - 1:44am

In early 2017 we here at Avant Gaming announced our partnership with Maxibon, with a goal set to build a strong and healthy relationship with a brand that has never been in the esports space. With that being said, we are pleased to announce that two years on; we are entering our third year with them. 

Captured: Maxibon freezer at 2019 OPL house.

"Connecting the esports community with our partners has always been a big value to us, which made Maxibon a perfect fit. They have always been a company that wants to connect with everyone all around Australia and we are honoured to be able to connect them with the gaming space time and time again. I'm extremely excited to go into our third year with them and help continue to grow their relationship with not only us, but the Australian Esports community as a whole. Expect big things from Maxibon this year!"

- Wesley Collier, CEO.

Later into the first year of our partnership with Maxibon, we saw a small collaboration with our two companies at PAX Australia; showcasing the Maxibon product to gamers all around Australia. Thanks to the great reception from the community, we were able to see Maxibon return the following year to showcase their very own booth at the biggest gaming convention in Australia and I think it can go without saying that it was a massive success for them. 

Captured: Smash Zone at PAX AUS 2018

"We’re all thrilled to have Maxibon sign on for yet another year. It’s been an absolute pleasure working alongside a brand that we have had a great impact with throughout the community, especially with all of the fun events last year. I'm looking forward to this year, seeing as there are huge things in store for the both of us."

- Taylah Hantzis, Community and Marketing Manager.

Everyone here at Avant Gaming, both staff and players, are extremely excited for our third year with Maxibon. We look forward to yet another strong year alongside them and are excited to showcase what we have cooking later into the year. 

Article written and produced by Benji.



Ben Scott