Gfinity Australia: Season One Recap

Thu 19th Jul 2018 - 8:35am

Gfinity Australia: Season One Recap


Gfinity Australia turned out to be a massive hit once the event kicked off in early June, with everyone from around the region coming together and enjoying the tournament that was put on. Not only was the production amazing, but so too was the behind the scenes action, gameplay and all the unpredicted upsets.

Counter Strike

Melbourne Avant came into this season fo Gfinity with a relatively new roster to showcase, with the team only being showcased online prior to the event. No one was really sure how the tournament would play out for Counter Strike, as we weren’t the only club with the same style of team in the competition. But nevertheless, MoeyCQ stood up to the plate and captained our team into the play-offs… which then subsequently led to our narrow loss against the eventual runner-ups of the competition, Sydney Chiefs.

Despite our loss, we left the competition in a comfortable 3rd/4th place and the intention of coming back a lot stronger next season.

Street Fighter

Gfinity was the perfect event to showcase to Australia what the Fighting Game Community is all about and that’s exactly what happened. Not only did we have our own player RumoursOfGhost defy all expectations and go almost undefeated through league play, but we also had him lead us to victories over the titan's of Sydney (ChiefsESC) and the stacked roster of Melbourne ORDER. Street Fighter provided a lot more than just our success though, it also showed the passion the players in this unique community have and we believe that it will be a massive eye opener to all local organizations out there; which will lead to their involvement in the scene.

We ended up finishing league play of Street Fighter in first place, but sadly couldn’t pull it together in the playoffs and finished the competition in 3rd/4th overall. But what a run it was for our roster.

Rocket League

Some could say our Rocket League run was the most unexpected out of all the competition that went down over the past six weeks. After suffering two clean sweeps in the opening two weeks of Gfinity, things looked dim for our roster. But after some talking and intense practise, our team managed to scrape into the playoffs… just. Having to face the Chiefs seemed like this was our run over and done with, but no. We pulled off the impossible and defeated the Sydney Chiefs on LAN after an eighteen month long LAN victory streak they held in this region; making heads turn from all around the world.

Even though we didn’t edge out the Grand Finals, this roster definitely made a name for themselves and will forever be cemented in not only Gfinity’s history books, but also Rocket League in Oceania.


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We finish off Gfinity Season One in third place overall within the club rankings

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