Farewell to Avant Gaming Rocket League

Mon 30th Jul 2018 - 5:17am


 Above: Rocket League team's reaction to defeating The Chiefs.

It’s with a heavy heart that we announce the disbandment of our Rocket League team. We wish them all the best for their future endeavours, wherever they may go.

Avant Gaming entered Rocket League prior to the start of the Gfinity Australia Elite Series with the intentions of building a solid roster to take on the tough competition that was already forming before the season started. Zen, Sammy and Plitz came into the season with a lot to prove and that they did; taking down The Chiefs after an 18 month long reign over Oceania.

But all great things comes to an end. Zen had this to say about his departure from Avant Gaming:

“It's been a fun journey playing with the team and with Avant. Providing us with our first LAN experience together; it was definitely a blast to meet the staff in person. Dash was and still is a really good manager. From week one of Gfinity he sat me down and told me about his first LAN experiences and how my performance was just a part of the learning experience. Having full faith in me to show up in the coming weeks really did encourage me to improve further. Same goes for Jyles, he was a really cool guy to hang out and chat with; also one of the best content creators ever! Both these guys I met at LAN, but the rest of staff are equally as friendly, and it's been good to meet and talk with everyone working at Avant. It's sad to go, but at the same time I wish the best for this org and whatever they may do in the future!”

We wish these players nothing but the best and hope that they find success with wherever they may go in the near future. Best of luck from all of us here at Avant!

As for what is next for Avant Gaming in Rocket League… Stay tuned; we will be back.




Ben Scott