Destiny shares his thoughts on the new League of Legends champion, Jhin

Wed 13th Jan 2016 - 9:00am



Destiny is the new ADC for Avant Garde. He played support last split and has stepped up to play ADC. This will be his first year playing competitive in this role, and he is very excited to play and show that he has what it takes to take on Oceania's best. He spoke to me about the latest champion, Jhin the Virtuoso. 

E: His passive has a lot of different mechanics built into it. What do you think about it? 

D: I believe his passive is very overloaded which may make it difficult for newer players to understand some of his basic mechanics, Good Jhin players will take advantage of his crit every 4 autos to catch players off guard, this definitely makes his laning stage strong when trading


E: What about his Q, Dancing Grenade?

D: Dancing Grenade looks like a very time based ability as it should be used when minions are low in order to maximise damage, it's a weak form of waveclear but depending on scaling can be very effective.


E: His W is a long range narrow skillshot. Do you think it'll be really useful?

D: Deadly Flourish looks awesome. The amount of range and cc it provides can set up for easy ganks making coordination in high level play more reliable. This gives Jhin a strong form of waveclear and range to sit back and do a lot of damage.


E: His E looks really strong in combination with his W. Thoughts?

D: Captive Audience is very unique in the way it's similar to Teemo's Noxious Trap (pls :(), Having a stealth trap that slows in combination with Deadly Flourish sounds deadly when picking off people, it offers him a lot of zoning capability as it’s yet another AoE ability.


E: His ultimate is a huge long range skillshot. It roots him in place for the duration of it however. Do you think it will be really strong? 

D: Curtain Call is very similar to Caitlyn's Ultimate, Ace in the Hole but seems to deal more damage at the risk of having a bigger channel time and being a skillshot. This ultimate has many uses but many disadvantages. Overall i'm looking forward to seeing Jhin as he is a mixture of Caitlyn, Varus and Teemo.


E: RiotGypsy mentioned that he might be a really strong midlaner. What do you think?

D: I personally believe he could be played in both roles depending on the ratios and base damages, its most likely he will be an ADC but he lacks mobility which may be abused.


E: What about competitive play?

D: Jhin may see competitive depending on his lane presence and whether he can scale throughout the game unlike Caitly. Champions such as Thresh and Morgana would seem to be the most effective with him in lane to cover up his weaknesses.


 Jhin is available on the PBE for testing. Read more about his abilities here:



Emma van der Brug