Player Profile: Chippys

Thu 27th Dec 2018 - 4:05am

You may have noticed that as of next year, we here at Avant Gaming will be taking a step in a new direction in terms of our League of Legends lineup. With that being said, we recently announced our roster for 2019 (found here), and we are extremely excited to get to work with our new talent.

Moving forward, we have acquired veteran and three time Oceanic Pro League champion; Chippys, as our key figure head for leadership moving into the new season. We sat down with him recently and gadged his thoughts on the up coming season and learnt more about who he is and what his plans are moving forward. 

Above: Chippys competing in last season of the OPL.

  •  What attracted you to joining Avant Gaming moving into the 2019 Oceanic Pro League season?

"Out of everything, the thing that stood out to me and made me lean towards joining Avant, was the fact that the coaching staff was aligned with what my expectations were in terms of making sure a good team environment is a top priority. I believe the team that works the hardest and has the best team environment, will win next year."

  • Nowadays you would be considered as a veteran in the Oceanic Pro League; with that being said, how do you plan on taking that experience with you into this fresh roster?

"After playing three years in the Oceanic Pro League and winning three titles, I’m confident I know exactly what’s needed to win and I’ll be guiding my new roster to follow the processes that are needed to succeed."

  • From your competitive experience, you have been teamed up with some of the countries best and experienced players; now that you have a lineup with a few rookies and a fresh look, how do you plan on adapting to such a new environment?

"I want the rookies to always feel confident to share their thoughts or concerns even though it's their first year in the OPL. I plan to make the environment one with extremely high work ethic, but remove the fear of failure that a lot of players suffer from. I want my team to see mistakes as an opportunity to be better and not something to feel bad about."

  • How have you been preparing for the new year, both mentally and physically?

"I'm currently in Korea right now, spending my time working on both aspects consistently and making sure I am prepared for next year as much as possible."

  • Do you have some personal and competitive goals for next year, if so; what are they?

"Of course winning the entire year goes without saying, but I’d be happy if every single one of my teammates could turn to me at the end of the year and feel like I helped them become better."

  • Do you have a new years resolution?

"My new years resolution for next year, is to be a positive leader for my new team."

  • What are your plans for the holiday season?

"Practise, practise and practise."


We hope that next year will bring success to our organisation, but we also hope that you can cheer for our completely new lineup at the same time; regardless of result. Moving into the up and coming season, we look to bring more pieces like this out to our viewers, so you get to know our players more. 

Stay connected with Chippys via his platforms below and be sure to cheer for him next season!




Article written and produced by Benji



Ben Scott