Welcome Kai as Stage Coach

Thu 10th Jan 2019 - 12:40am

With the Oceanic Pro League season right around the corner, we are pleased to announce that we have acquired Kai "Kai" Stewart for our coaching staff moving into 2019. Kai will be a massive part of our team, as he will be our Stage Coach for all of our matches during the season; in replace of Zack "Rusty" Pye, as he will be a part of the broadcast team on these days. 

Captured: Kai doing theory work at the Avant office.

In short, Kai will be in charge of our drafts during each match and will also be analysing our players performance throughout the season, to help better them individually. We are extremely excited about this move and hope that it benefits out players immensely. Also to add, Kai will also be in-house during his stay at Avant Gaming.

We sat down with Kai to discuss why he decided to join Avant Gaming this year and his ambitions:

"It’s feels really good to be joining Avant, having success outside of my own region has been fantastic but there has always been that pride in me that wants to know and show I’m the best Oceania has produced."

Moving on from that, he then went on to express his excitement about teaming up with Rusty: 

"I’m really looking forward to showing people what I can do. I also look forward to working with Rusty, as he has a new, fresh approach to how to function in a team environment. Things that you tend to lose sight of or not see, as somebody who has just been a pure coach and not a pro player or caster. It's really great to see how this extra knowledge is helping us grow so fast!"

Kai then went on to explain his ambitions this year and his approach as a coach:

"My ambition this year is to first of all to win, but also create a really great foundation on all levels of life for my players, so whether we stay together or move away I can leave all six of them and know they will continue to win and grow as people without me there. I also want to show that the answer to getting good coaches for your team isn’t importing coaches or hoping an ex-pro can become a coach. It might work in some cases but in always trying to do so, talent is being overlooked that is right under our nose in Oceania and those coaches really need to get their chance. Coaching is a different skill to playing, with some similarities, but without the other skills that a good coach needs you can cause a lot of harm to a team."

It is clear that Kai has a definite game plan moving into this year and we are excited to see how this will come into fruition; with that being said, we sat down with his counter-part, Rusty, and heard what he had to say about the selection of Kai:

"I'm excited to work with Kai, to be alongside someone who has coaching experience will help streamline my learning while also hopefully providing someone to bounce with and learn together. I trust in his methods and believe we can make awesome things happen together."

Make sure you stay connected with Kai over the year and follow him over on Twitter to make sure you are kept in the loop of all his movements. Catch our team in action, with Kai behind them, January 18th.

Article written and produced by Benji.



Ben Scott