Meet the Team: Porky - Top Lane

Sun 1st Mar 2015 - 10:05am


A huge pillar of Avant’s strength has been their top lane rock, providing insight and control over the game through his play. With the departure of their bot lane, they’ve still retained much of their existing talent to keep experience and strength inside the squad. Porky has been absent from play for the past few weeks for vacation. With his reintroduction into the team and an emphatic week of play, Josh caught up with Porky to see how he’s re-adjusting to professional play, how he thinks the team stacks up to the old one and the direction top lane is trending in.


Welcome back! Hopefully you’ve had an enjoyable time away from the game, but more importantly, are you excited to get back into it?

A: Yes, I'm so keen to play and hopefully help my team get to the top!


Since your victory at PAX last year, there have been some dramatic changes to the squad. Is the team planning on emulating the previous style, heavily investing in the ADC, or will we see a new style of play?

A: With Veritas leaving and picking up a new ADC, Mazui naturally we will be playing differently as both players have very different play styles we just need to find the style that best suits our team.


The OPL standings are taking shape and Avant is sitting roughly in the middle of the pack. With your return, are you confident that the team can climb the ranks before the end of the split?

A: Yes, I'll definitely do my best in every game we play, I'm very optimistic that we can get into the top spots of OPL standings by the end of the split.


Top lane, in previous seasons, has been incredibly placid. However, this year we see the introduction of carry top laners and a range of options. What’s your opinion on the direction of top lane? Are you happy about the changes?

A: I love whats happening to top lane at the moment seeing so much champion diversity like the comeback of kennen and all these AP tops like Lissandra, Morgana. I'm very ecstatic for any upcoming changes to top lane meta.


For a while now, we’ve heard about the presence of coaching staff working behind AV. What level of influence do they have over your play and how do they impact the team?

A: Prior to our victory at ARMA last year we picked up a coach from NA who had been doing work for NA LCS teams. After another win at PAX we cemented his position within our team. Initially he worked with us just giving us strategical advise; however, nowadays he helps with  communication, strategy, pick ban, and a lot more. shoutout to my boy savary!


In your absence, AV has often looked lost in the mid game. Would you describe yourself as a shot-caller and with your return, will this be remedied?

A: I can't say that everything will just perfectly fit together with my return obviously everything will take time and effort but im hopeful we can do it! and no im not a shot-caller.


Are you confident with the amount of practice you’ve had since returning? Your play last week was impressive, but is there room to grow in future weeks?

A: I really wouldn't say my play last week was impressive personally i felt quite rusty, definitely alot of room to grow and im very eager to get back into it.


Are there any final comments or shoutouts you’d like to make?

A: Shout out to my team Chelby, Kenste, Junnie, Mazui, and our coach Savary I'd also like to thank Badgamelol for subbing for me during my absence he's done an amazing job filling in for me.


With Porky reunited with the team, things can surely only move upwards. With practice underway, we’re very excited to see how the team performs with its final roster and would like to thank Badgamelol for his continued effort in subbing.

You can keep up to date with Porky through his Twitter




Russell Noble