Road to ROG & EB Expo

Mon 12th Sep 2016 - 10:57am

This weekend saw the AVANT GARDE CSGO team go up against some of Australia’s best teams in both the ROG Masters international qualifiers and the ESL Australia Esports Arena national qualifier. After two massive days of CSGO, the boys came out on top and secured their place at the ROG Masters finals and the Esports Arena, making us the only team to qualify for  both events!

Saturday saw them compete in the ROG Masters qualifiers, after clean sweeping their group stage they moved into the playoff bracket where they met Exile4 (formerly Skyfire) in their first round of play. Having had close matches in the past with Exile4 this was a big match early on but we managed to overcome them with a final score of 16-11 after battling it out on Dust 2.

In the quarter finals the boys met Darksided, an up and coming team with some dangerous players on their roster. The map once again was Dust 2 and after a big performance from Zedzke we managed to close it out 16-12.

The final round saw us go up against Parallax, the current reigning LAN national champions. We got off to a very strong start against the reigning champions on Mirage taking a very early lead and looking like we were going to comfortably close the game when the score reached 14-6 in our favour. Parallax refused to go down without a fight and showed us exactly why they are the reigning champions, pushing us back to 15-13 before we finally managed to close the match out  16-13 and take our place at the ROG Masters Finals held in Malaysia later this year.

With our position at ROG firmly secured, we still had one more event to qualify for; the ESL Esports Arena held at the EBExpo later this month. We got off to a rough start, losing to Grinny Bankers in the group stage and losing that number one seed coming out of groups and going into the playoffs.

Losing that number one seed meant we found ourselves up against Chiefs on Nuke in the semi-finals, both teams fought hard and it was too close to call at any point as both teams found themselves momentum when they needed it. Chiefs secured a lead late in the match and looked like they were going to take it and end our EBExpo hopes, however we managed to chip away at the scoreboard and slowly creep back into the game. A huge clutch by Dezibel kept us alive in the second last round of regular time and we managed to push it into Overtime. The momentum from our comeback helped us close out the game, defeating the Chiefs 19-17.

After defeating Chiefs, our final match was against the up and comers Grinny Bankers. This was a best of three with a LAN invite on the line and all the boys were hungry for the win. The first map of the best of three was Overpass and we got off to a somewhat slow start before managing to fire up and close it out 16-10. The second map was Cobblestone and after a close first half (8-7), we ran away with it on our T side closing the match out 16-11, qualifying for the Esports Arena at EBExpo.

We managed to come out on top in two big competitions over two long days, thanks to all the fans that tuned into the stream and supported us both days and we look forward to representing you at the EBExpo later this month as well as representing Australia at the ROG Masters Malaysian finals held in November. Thanks to all our sponors: Corsair, NETGEAR and AMD for their continued support!