Avant announces H1Z1 roster

Tue 20th Jun 2017 - 3:00am


Today Avant welcomes a new team and a new title with the pick up of a fresh squad in H1Z1: King of the Kill.


Benn ‘50Shades’ Sowerby, Dean ‘colje’ Bell, Shane ‘Rektnub’ Grant, Alex ‘BullNizzle’ Bulner, Dylan ‘Kure’ Couchman

H1Z1 is a rapidly growing title with multiple tournaments for the Asia Pacific region already announced for 2017. Be sure to also keep your eyes peeled on our Twitter to see when our new H1Z1 players go live on Twitch.


Avant CEO Wesley Collier

I'm excited to see Avant move into a game that is growing as fast as H1Z1 is. Avant is proud to be among the first to move into H1Z1 and we hope that with the already large viewership and many upcoming tournaments that Avant's move will spur other organisations to join the H1Z1 title as it continues to grow!


AV.H1Z1 Captain Benn ‘50Shades’ Sowerby

I would like to thank Avant Garde on behalf of our entire team for such an opportunity. Getting the chance to represent one of the most prestige orgs in our region is a privilege that we won't take lightly. This roster is stacked with the most talented players our region has to offer. Having Avant Garde supporting and mentoring us there is no reason for us not to accomplish our goals in the near future.


Stay tuned for live coverage and updates on the newest addition to the #AVANTARMY





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