Avant Gaming partners with Study Loans!

Fri 26th Jan 2018 - 6:40am

We’re excited to announce our exciting new partnership with student loan company; Study Loans!

At Avant we believe in the development and growth of our players as not just high performance athletes but high performance individuals in every facet of life.

One key area in developing high performance individuals that is often sacrificed is player education. With esports continuing to boom and become more attractive as a full time job, players make sacrifices whether it be school, tafe or university in order to compete at the top level.

With our new partner Study Loans we aim to help our players with education opportunities in hundreds of fields of study so that they can excel in both esports and life.  

Study Loans is Australia's first private student loan provider. Sporting partnerships with many of Australia's best education providers across a huge range of industries, Study Loans works with students to finance loans with simple terms and responsible funding methods that are easy to use, with competitive interest rates. Study Loans empowers students to take control of their education, and Avant is excited to bring Study Loans on as a sponsor for 2018.

“It’s been fantastic to see so many talented individuals work with Avant during their professional career, however it was becoming a worrying trend that lots of players had few opportunities waiting for them after their esports career. As we’ve grown as an organisation one of our core values and something we pride ourselves on is preparing our players for life after esports and I think with this partnership we will be able to take that commitment to the next step.”
-Avant Gaming CEO Wesley Collier

Click here to learn more about Study Loans different loans and how they work.

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