Avant Expands into Fortnite

Wed 7th Mar 2018 - 12:47am

Today Avant is proud to announce our expansion into Fortnite, with the pick up of two competitive Fortnite rosters!

With the rapid growth of Fortnite in the recent months and the popularity of Fortnite with our #AVANTARMY streamers such as Bullnizzle and Jordyx3, Avant looks forward to nurturing competitive Fortnite rosters in Oceania as the scene continues to develop in 2018!
"The popularity of Fortnite globally has been huge, it's looking like Fortnite could be the next big game not only internationally but here in Oceania. Especially with the popularity of Fortnite with our streamers, it is important for Avant to be in on the ground floor as the scene develops, and I think these rosters will prove to be some of the best in the region."-Avant CEO Wesley Collier


  • Bullnizzle
  • Hate
  • Psyper
  • MrFreshAsian


  • Jordyx3
  • Sixo
  • JoshVB
  • Cha

Subs: Hershicals, Ransom


 Be on the lookout for updates on our Fortnite rosters on our Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Youtube! If you're a Fortnite fan, catch our new players alongside our #AVANTARMY stream team including Bullnizzle and Jordyx3 on Twitch for some nightly Fortnite action!