ACL Sydney 2015 Call of Duty recap

Sat 4th Jul 2015 - 8:16am

The Australian Cyber League held their second LAN event within two months on 27th and 28th June in Sydney where we saw the Avant Garde Call of Duty team compete, consisting of Iskatu (Captain), Wolfy, Blue and Barny. The event would attract some of the most talented teams across Australia, such as Plantronics.Mindfreak, Trident T1.Dotters, kiwi powerhouse Uproar.Ignitions, Incept and Team Awafi as there were 25,000 Pro Points up for grabs and the all important $5,000 Prize Money.

The event was able to attract 16 teams, which were then divided into three Pool Play sections, determined by Pro Points earned at previous events plus numerous online tournaments. Avant were joined by Plantronics.Mindfreak, Team Awafi and Uproar.Ignitions in the Pro Pool which would determine the Top 4 seeding going into Championship Sunday. The remaining 12 teams were split into A & B Pools that would then fight it out for the remaining seedings.

Avant were able to finish first in the Pro Pool and were rewarded with Number 1 seeding going into Championship Sunday. They were able to secure a very difficult 3-0 victory over Mindfreak, the favourites throughout the series. We then saw both Incept and Trident win pools A & B respectively without dropping a match and going 15-0 in Pool Play. They then had a Tiebreaker match to determine who would have 5th seed, and Trident came off trumps winning 1-0.

The Championship bracket started off with Avant given a walkover by Bus Control. This came as a shock as this team had been performing well at the event and could have made the upset but it wasn't to be.  Avant then advanced to the Winners Bracket round 2 were they would face the newly formed team of Plantronics.Nv who came off a good win against Citadel. The new team consisted of Veterans Vileysder and Macka and the duo Fergz and Claw. The boys knew they would have to play well to defeat a team of this calibre. The match was on the main stage and Avant were able to step up the occasion and have a comfortable 3-1 victory, advancing onto the Winners Bracket round 3 and face off against Trident.T1 Dotters.

Avant were knocked into the Losers Bracket by Trident at the recent event in Brisbane and were after revenge! This match up is what the spectators wanted to see and they weren't let down by the quality of maps. All the Winners Brackets matches were best of five series and we were able to witness these two powerhouses go to that final Search and Destroy. Unfortunately Avant fell short, losing 2-3, and were put down into the Losers Bracket and forced to make that long and difficult run.

We would face Uproar.Ignitions in Losers Bracket round 3 as they were also defeated by Incept 3-2 in the Winners. The match went Avant’s way as we were able to secure a comfortable 3-0 victory and proceed in the tournament. The next match was against Team Awafi, who were the underdogs of the event as they were only formed one week before the event and consisted of players from different teams. This didn't faze them as they were able to defeat Incept 3-2 in the previous round and prove most doubters wrong, and they were able to push Avant to the final Search and Destroy. Unfortunately this is where the tournament ended for them as Avant was able to secure a close 3-2 victory and proceed to the Losers Bracket Grand Final.

In the Winners Bracket Final we saw Mindfreak defeat Trident 3-1. This would then push Trident into the Losers Bracket Final against Avant. Both teams had previously played a series against each other where Trident were able to win 3-2, so this would make it a continuation and best of eleven where the score was in favour of Trident 3-2. The series was going back and forth with both teams exchanging maps. Unfortunately Avant lost three crucial maps in the final 30 seconds which would eventually give Trident the series victory 6-4 and would end the boys’ run in the tournament with 3rd place.

Mindfreak were waiting then in the Grand Final for Trident and were in the same situation as Trident was against Avant as they were 3-1 up in the best of eleven series. The Mindfreak team, consisting of Buzzo, Shocks, Fighta and Denz, continued where they left off and were able to defeat Trident 6-2 and take out the ACL Sydney 2015 event.

We at Avant would like to thank all the staff and volunteers from ACL for another successful event! Congratulations to Plantronics.Mindfreak and we’ll see you all at #Doesplay10K!


Article written by Ben Simmons



Wesley Collier