Counter Strike

Counter Strike
  • moeycq


    MoeyCQ is the in game leader for our Counter-Strike team. He is one of the longest standing Australia CS:GO professionals left in this region and is looking to take our younger players under his wing, to help improve their game play and get them on top of their game....Read More

  • zeph

    Zeph is a young gun within the Counter-Strike scene, but has been on the come-up ever since he entered the competitive side of things. He holds a key place within this roster and is definitely one to watch when they jump into the server....Read More

  • danzal

    DANZAL comes from a previous roster alongside his dynamic duo partner; Urbz. DANZ is definitely a key player on this roster and is someone to look out for when the team plays on the counter-terrorist side....Read More

  • urbz

    Known as the other half of DANZAL, Urbz has made a massive impact on this roster by performing to the best of his abilities. Definitely keep your eyes on him when he's in the server, as he'll always be giving you something to look forward to....Read More

  • prodigy

    Prodigy comes to this roster as the youngest player out of everyone, but has an immense amount of talent to bring to the team. We are excited to see what he can do coming into the coming tournaments, as this is his first time in division one Counter Strike....Read More