League of Legends

League of Legends
  • Jayke

    Jayke Paulsen

    Jayke is the heart and soul of AV, a leader in game and out. His veteran shotcalling and precise gameplay is a talent that is hard to come by. Add in his dog Kobe and you have an extremely motivated player and a recipe for success....Read More

  • Chelby

    Bradley Williams

    Bradley "Chelby" Williams is the jungler for AVANT GARDE Pro League Of Legends Team. Born in Wanganui, New Zealand, Chelby started playing games around the age of 10, becoming addicted to Crash Bandicoot on the PlayStation. The first online game he played was Runescape, and this was followed by MapleStory until he found League of Legends during Season 2....Read More

  • Triple

    Stephen Li

    Triple is the main carry of our team and one of the best mid laners in OCE. After a strong split with us last year things can only get better for this 17 year old player. After finishing high school and finally being able to commit to league full time he is definitely one to look out for....Read More

  • blinky

    Myles Irvine

    Blinky is one of the best AD carry’s coming from the last split of OCS. After qualifying with Exile 5 for the OPL, and Chenyboy’s growing university commitments, Blinky was the obvious choice for our squad. His large personality and contagious laughter is always a boost after a rough loss....Read More

  • ceres

    Evan Mascarenhas

    Ceres is a young player with no prior competitive experience but with a lot of raw skill and drive. Having lived all around the world, Ceres brings a wealth of experience and openness that has proved to be an asset to the team. Avant looks forward to seeing the growth of such a promising new player in the 2017 season...Read More