League of Legends

League of Legends
  • pabu

    Jackson Pavone

    Pabu is toted as one of the most up and coming top laners in the OPL this year. Having departed Abyss where he played in the OPL for 2017, this is Pabu's first year playing full time in the OPL after completing his studies last year. We look forward to seeing Pabu show his colours this year in the OPL!...Read More

  • only

    Jordan Middleton

    Coming from last year's TM roster in the OPL, Only is known as one of the strongest jungle players in the OPL. Only's flexible play style and synergy with the rest of our OPL squad makes him the perfect fit for the Avant Army in 2018!...Read More

  • frae

    Leon Lee

    Coming from Abyss in the OPL in 2017, Frae is the mid laner for the Avant Army in 2018. Showing consistent performances in 2018 so far, Frae's resolve and harworking nature is sure to serve him well against the strong roster of top mid lane players in the OPL in 2018. As a personality, it is rare to see Frae without a smile on his face to lift the morale of his team....Read More

  • blinky

    Myles Irvine

    Blinky is a household name for the ADC role in Oceania. Known for his aggressive style, Blinky has been a part of the Avant Army since leaving his OCS squad in 2017. His large personality and contagious laughter is always a boost after a tough win, or a rough loss....Read More

  • Jayke

    Jayke Paulsen

    Jayke is the heart and soul of AV, a leader in game and out. His veteran shotcalling and precise gameplay is a talent that is hard to come by. Add in his dog Kobe and you have an extremely motivated player and a recipe for success....Read More